The combination of specific therapeutic oils with either inhalation or massage, is viewed as one of the most relaxing and soothing forms of complementary treatment.

What is Aromatherapy for?

Aromatherapy can have a variety of benefits and is often used to create a feeling of well-being and relaxation. When combined with massage, aromatherapy is particularly suitable for reducing muscle tension, tightness and pain. It is also used to improve muscle tone and joint mobility. The oils themselves are also known to have specific qualities and a compress can be applied to injury sites.

How is it done ?

Here at Evesham Natural Health Centre, your aromatherapist will blend essential oils specifically for you. The skin absorbs essential oils readily and therefore a massage blend is a very effective way of introducing them to the body. This has a two-fold therapeutic effect, one induced by the oils themselves and the other by the action and touch supplied by the massage. We are all aware that certain smells invoke different moods. Some even remind us of places we have visited or certain key moments in our lives. During the treatment you are surrounded by these fragrances, while the aromatherapist further enhances the effect with a relaxing massage using the same oils, to encourage absorption through the skin.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses natural essential oils from plants. These have been extracted from various parts of the plant such as the petals, leaves, roots and resin. Theses oils have unique complex properties which when used through aromatherapy can help both our physical and emotional health. The use of plant oils has been a popular remedy for centuries with over 60 types in regular use. Oils can be blended or used individually to suit an individual person and either applied to the skin, inhaled or added to bath water.


What will happen on my first visit ?

The aromatherapist will first take a case history in order to fully understand any symptoms you may have. During this time there will be an opportunity to discuss with the aromatherapist what specific treatment you may need and what areas of the body require attention. Massage is the most commonly used method of applying essential oils to specific areas of the body, so your aromatherapist will work on small areas at a time. Those areas not being worked upon remain wrapped in towels ensuring comfort, modesty and warmth throughout the treatment. Soft music and lighting is also used to provide a relaxing environment.

Emily Collett